You have a right to be given a copy of your Personal Data held by Codec-dss Solutions Limited trading as dss (‘dss’) or a member of the dss Group of companies on request, subject to certain exceptions.

How Do I Request a Copy of My Personal Data?

There is no form that you must use for your request. However, we recommend that you provide as much detail as possible in your correspondence with us so that we can deal with your query promptly and efficiently. You may find it helpful to complete the Access Request Form, however it is not mandatory to do so.

You may be asked to provide proof of identification and / or additional information in order to validate your identity when making such a request. Please note that we have the right to require that you identify yourself before we will respond to any access request.

If you make a request by email, the information requested will be provided to you in electronic form (where possible), unless you request otherwise.  If you wish to receive the information in a particular format (e.g., paper copy or electronic where possible) this should be stated in your request.

Who Do I Send My Request to?

You can send your request to

How Long Will It Take for dss to Respond to My Access Request?

Once we have received your request and are satisfied as to your identity, address and / or email address (as relevant) we will respond to you within one month. This period may be extended in exceptional circumstances and we will inform you within one month where the extended period applies to you, along with an explanation of the reasons for the extension.


Our obligations in relation to access requests vary depending on whether we act as a controller or a processor in relation to your Personal Data.

Where we act as a controller in relation to your Personal Data, dss will process your access request. Where dss acts as a processor, we will pass your request to the controller who will process your request.

Your Other Rights

For information in relation to your other rights under applicable data protection laws see our Website Privacy Statement.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your access request you have the right to lodge a complaint to the Data Protection Commission at

Download dss Access Request Policy Form