dss to support Girls’ Dormitory Accomodation Project in Kenya

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dss are pleased to support the development of new dedicated girls’ dormitory accommodation with 68 beds in Machakos, Kenya through the work of the Spiritans charity.

Traditionally, a boys only school, this is the first year that girls have been able to enrol in the school and it is essential that these girls be provided accommodation as many of them live far away from the school.

The Spiritans are a registered charity that are enabling young girls in Machakos, Kenya to attend school. There have traditionally been few opportunities to educate girls in Kenya so this project is seen as a major step in providing them with an education.

dss are delighted to be involved with the Spiritian charity in making this happen and we are excited to see that girls are being allowed to reach their full potential through education.  We’re sure that these girls will develop into very strong women through this initiative.

dss are a women-owned business, passionate about driving gender balance in the workplace and supporting initiatives that seek to empower women in whatever role they choose to work in.